Don't delegate your presence...federate it!
with federly

Your website and customers depend on you, setup your domain as your own authoriziation provider and ensure an: open, transparent and software agnostic core from the begigning. Do not tie yourself to a complicated or propritory SaaS solution in your first and most important config choice. SourceRT &

Information Small Org AdoptionBETA DevOps 24x7 by SourceRT

OpenSource & free from tech/brand affiliation

Hosted, redundant with your organization view always present and always meaningful, is your gatekeeper to access and RT information without needing to hire DevOps [pro plan] + DevOpsRT = 💪

An extension of your brand or backup for your tech team

Local servers & Config Support

Leveraging the big providers but agnostic to them. All the benefits without the gotchas down the road.

High availability and no maintenance hastle

Once you are up and running; you can get help the way you work. Including options for busy execs including in app requests with both async and synchronis options.